3 Earthband Bracelet Bundle

Peace, Let it Be, and My Whale

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  • Enjoy 3 top selling bracelets in this bundle! This bundle contains Peace, Let it Be, and My Whale bracelets.
  • Every bead is made with the Earth gathered from each State & Special places & including Continents around the world!
  • Bracelets are 10.5 fully opened to slide over hand and adjust to wrist comfort.
  • Eco Friendly Bracelet, all plastic free, and vegan!

This Bundle Contains

This little bead is packed with World PEACE vibes! Wearing this bracelets says YES to Peace & Love!

Every "Let It Be" Bead is made with the Sand gathered from Sedona, Utah, Arizona, South west regions Horse shoe bend, South Rim Canyon, & New Mexico.

Every bead is made with the sand gathered from whale friendly beaches! Malibu - Huntington- Nantucket - Maryland - Monterey - Oregon Coast - San Juan Island Washington, Alaska, and more...


Our Mission

Each bead is made with earth gathered from every bracelet location! Inspired by the love for our hometown, Mt Shasta CA, Sandra, Mark and Melissa all came together to create cool meaningful bracelets from special places, home states, and beaches that people love.

We believe that wearing our bracelet also identifies you as an advocate of planet earth. Earth Bands are Eco Friendly, Vegan, made with No Plastic.

Filled with your favorite moments & the power of earth our bracelets add a little more happiness to life…

How They're Made

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