Every bead is hand-made with earth, sand and magic from places you love

Second Generation

Lab coats and late nights have been the norm here at Earth Bands headquarters. We’ve been working hard over the last couple of weeks experimenting and developing the second generation of Earth Bands. Our faithful wearers have shared some great feedback and suggestions with us, and we’ve been listening 🙂

The most frequently shared suggestion was: “It would be great if they were removable.” So, making the second generation Earth Bands removable has been our mission — and we have succeeded!

We have developed a (soon to be revealed) solution that works via a “tension tube”.
The two ends of the hemp cord are threaded through the slightly smaller tube and knotted off. With this — the wearer can pull the two knots apart or away from each other (tighten) or slide the knots together (loosen) the bracelet to be removed from the wrist. With that — we have created an one size fits all solution that looks great and works nicely thanks to good ol’ Mr. Friction 😉

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