Every bead is hand-made with earth, sand and magic from places you love



“The devil is in the details.” It was this timeless idiom that inspired us to add some special details to the latest Earth Bands (v2.1). With the recent addition of the aluminum tension tube (making each bracelet adjustable + removable) we felt there was still something missing. . .

So, we went back to the laboratory and began exploring possible solutions. We played with laser etching, painting, die-casting and eventually fell in love with metal stamping. This tried and true technique has been used in jewelry making for years — producing great results.

The process involves each tension tube getting inserted (or slipped over) a metal rod with the same inside diameter as the tube. We then go along the rod with a stamp and hammer & “pop” the impression into the tube — <3 heart on one side — USA on the other. The finishing touch comes when we color the impression to compliment the fabric tag and bead. These new details create that special touch we were looking for. Enjoy! 🙂

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