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California Shout Out & Introducing New Environmental Coordinator

Hey, this is Wynter Vaughan, I graduated from Sonoma State in December of 2017 and just joined the Earth Bands team. I have two bachelor's degrees in environmental studies and planning and geography. I’m very passionate about the environment and sustainability. Earth Bands and I hope that some of the topics or people featured will resonate with you in some capacity. Our Earth Bands blog posts will feature other do-gooders,  environmental sustainability, shoutouts, and acts of kindness.

Let’s start this off with featuring some of the awesome environmental wins happening in our home state,  California!

Damn: A total of 82 dams were removed throughout the United States, with the state of California being on the top of the list removing 35 damns. Removing dams helps to improve riparian systems ecological health, native fish habitat and helps to produce biologically productive zones. Dam Removal

Free to Fly: The California Condor has been a critically endangered species since 1971. By the 1980s there were only 22 birds of this species left. It has been reported that as of 2019 the species is climbing and there are now 1000 California Condors. Caring matters and certainly can save an entire species! 

Edibles Everywhere: Many cities throughout the state of California are encouraging the implementation of urban farms. For various reasons such as promoting clean air, eating locally, providing food for underprivileged, cutting down food emissions, caused by sourcing food elsewhere, encouraging the consumption of healthy whole foods, and providing important pollinators with a place to thrive. 

Bonus Fun Fact: There are many lavender farms throughout the state of California. Helping people to get outside and pick their own lavender  providing natural remedies for anxiety and depression! Lavender is listed among the top plants that bees love. Therefore, it is extremely important to make sure these amazing little pollinators are well taken care of. 

Thank you for allowing me to introduce myself and spreading some good news from Earth Bands and the environment! 

*As always, feel free to give us your suggestions, nominate other do-gooders we should know about, or some of your state eco bragging rights!

We love to spread the love and share positivity in any way we can!

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Dam Removal Photo/ Hyperlink: Mercury News

California Condor Photo: Don Smith Website

Instagram: don_smith_photography

Urban Garden Photo: Cherie Bloz Garden 

Instagram: cherieblozgarden

Bee Info:

Bee Photo:

G Jameson Instagram: aviumamare

All other photos are my own :)








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