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Earth Bands – Beautiful Bracelets Straight From Mother Earth!
​Who doesn’t love bracelets?  What makes them even better?  When they are handmade from our beautiful Mother Earth.  As a matter of fact, if you have a specific location in mind, these make wonderful gifts.  For example, if your first kiss was in a certain place or state, you could get a bracelet made from those locations’ Earth and sand!  What is this great company?  Earth Bands -they make amazing, unique bracelets and anklets that really are stunning.

Mother Earth
Yes, every piece of every bracelet is made from Mother Earth.  The bands are made from woven hemp rope and the hand rolled beads are from the sand or soil of a specific location!  Each piece of jewelry has a bohemian look or even a little “hippie”, which is a compliment.  However, that is just my opinion.  I love the simplistic look of them and yet, they are also feminine and dainty.
Just as Earth Bands’ website says “Every bead tells your story”.  I can’t think of a better way of explaining what Earth Bands are all about.  What a perfect gift for any celebration that you have coming up.  The holidays would make a great time to begin collecting your Earth Bands Bracelets.  Bet you can’t buy just one, especially because buying them supports these special causes:  Rainforest Action Network, Protect Our Winters Charity, and Sea Shepard Conservation Society.  So you can do good while looking good!  Helping others has never been so darn easy.

​Great For Teens

Teens love stacking their bracelets and these look beautiful alone or together!  Imagine buying your loved one a couple (if not more) and making them a stocking stuffer.   Each one will tell your lovely story or at least be a conversation starter.  Teens could also use them to trade with friends or even make as “friendship” bracelets.  If someone loves a certain state (like New York), you could get the “I love New York” bracelet for that person.

Not only should you buy Earth Bands to help our big blue marble, but helping causes feels amazing.  Oh….and they’re gorgeous to wear!


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