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Once upon a time, three friends discussed how much they loved their hometown of Mt.Shasta, California. After doing some research, they discovered a 200-year old method of producing beads made from earth following indigenous practices. They then took earth from Mt.Shasta, and by using only vegan ingredients, they created a cool bracelet to reflect their love of their hometown. Earth Bands were born!

When these cool bracelets caught on, they expanded, collecting earth from a number of beaches in California, and repeating the process to expand their collection. They now have a full range of bracelets that reflect beaches, states, causes, and holidays. In case you were curious, the holiday bracelets are made from a combo of earth from all 50 states.

Each bracelet is made using a hemp cord, a painted bead that uses earth collected in the place that the bracelet represents, and a fun fabric tag. Unless the earth used in the beads comes from a different country, everything is manufactured within the United States. Assembly of each bracelet is also done in the United States at the Earth Bands headquarters.

Cool, right?

All bracelets can also be customized!

Earth Bands hemp cord is available in a variety of different colors, so you can get creative with mixing and matching your bead to different colored cords. These bracelets are adjustable to fit a range of sizes and for each bracelet sold, Earth Bands will donate $1 to the non-profit organization of your choice. Just choose one from the drop down menu when you purchase a bracelet of your own!

I was very lucky and got to give the new “Earth Vibes” collection a go. This stack of bracelets features:

: Bliss, Brave, Beautiful band - This bracelet features three grey/lilac beads made with earth and sand collected from whale friendly beaches, the Rocky Mountains, and from Africa. This blend is thought to bring empowerment to the wearer. My bracelet features white cord.

: Salty, Sassy, Soulful band - With three light blue beads, made from earth and sand gathered from East Coast, West Coast, and Gulf Coast beaches, separated by two engraved silver beads, this bracelet is all about connecting with the water. My bracelet also features white hemp cord.

: Strong, Wild, Free band- This one is my favorite, not only because green is my favorite color and it has three green beads, but these beads were made from earth and sand from all over the place. Yes, friends, these beads are a composite of natural materials from Australia, Ireland, Madagascar, Scotland, and South America. Wearing this is like going on a miniature trip around the world! I also chose for this bracelet to have white hemp cord.

As you can see, this stack makes for quite the worldly arm party. These bands look awesome when stacked together, but they’re also fun on their own. Since these beads all have a different vibe, you can mix and match them according to your mood (or to your outfit) as a way of feeling empowered as you go about your day.

And remember: wearing the earth is a way of connecting to the Earth and that’s something the Earth can use a bit more of these days!


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