Earth Bands rewards Environmental 6th grade Students!

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Teacher, Mr. Berlin, 6th Grade Ashland Ranch (ELA) reached out and introduces his amazing Earth Loving class!

"My students know, we celebrate "Earth Day"---everyday, but I do something for Earth Day...literally everyday in the month of April! :) By the end of the month, all my students will have many "gifts" I give them, by them doing Earth Day activities. It is my way of saying thank you to them and encourage them to make Earth a better place...they are the future! What does this all mean.... I was wondering if you/your company like to help support my classroom by donating ANYTHING to help me encourage my students to make Earth better! They actually already know about your company, since I wear your Bracelets everyday and have your stickers displayed all over my classroom/water bottle!"

See Student's Earth Bands Essays Below

How to save Earth 
What their Earth Bands bracelet means to them  

Student #11

Protect our Planet – Bracelet black bands blue bead: Lake Powell UT

Healthy environment

Having a healthy environment is very important because healthy environments give us air, water, and plant life. All of these things are important because it helps the earth stay healthy, by healthy I mean working. People don’t always notice the little things you can do to keep a healthy environment, here are some small ways you can help, pick up trash, throw plastic in the recycle, and don’t burn things as often as you have.


Recycling is a very important subject, when it comes to recycling everyone would think of items being reused. I think recycling is more important than items being reused, when you're recycling you are doing something that can save our environment. Plastic is made by gases and oils being combined into one, in your water bottle these oils can get into your drinking water.

I know that plastic is convenient, but if we continue to not recycle it can ruin our world.

Earth Day

Earth day is a special day that happens once a year, on this day we celebrate our planet by cleaning it up. A quote written by Chief Seattle says,”The earth does not belong to us. We belong to the earth.” This quote's meaning is that we can’t act like the world belongs to us by trashing it, we belong to the earth so we need to protect our planet.

My bracelet

I chose this bracelet because when I grow up I want to live in Utah, also my brother went to lake Powell a few years ago.


BY Student number 36 

Saving the Earth- Koala Australia It is Important  to protect this Earth because all the animals that are dying are because of us, all the pollution is happening because of us, all of the plastic in the ocean and the waste in the ocean is because of us. I think that recycling would be good for the environment because if we recycle things like plastic bottles, cardboard, metal containers, and food bottles and jars, instead of throwing in it the trash bucket and making the recycle stuff go in the waste leading in to the chemicals in the plastics making the water toxic when water gets in it. The water becomes toxic and the water spreads and kills the animals.

I help the environment by picking trash and putting where it's supposed to go. I will sometimes pick up trash at the park or backyard and instead of going somewhere close and going in the car my family and I will take our bikes to prevent more pollution. One of the things we could do to help is to help pickup trash at the park as a neighborhood thing. My favorite Earth day quote is “Love the Earth as you would love yourself. I want this Band because I love koalas and they are endangered and the band looks cool.

Student number #12

Environment changes

Surf broads, band color white please

In today's society the oceans & animals are becoming worse and worse and it's our job to change and help out our world. I came to the conclusion of some things that could and will change the oceans and animals without plastic and harm in any possible way. Do we really need plastic..? Think about it, it harms our world and our animals so badly that possibly in 2050 there will sadly be more plastic in the ocean than fish themselves.

Recycling plastic not only requires large amounts of energy but also uses large quantities of water. When you keep leading to recycle the plastic it gets thrown away in a landfill and causes the creation of these chemicals which are called dioxins, phthalates, ect. The causes of the toxic chemicals get in our food, oceans, and even harmfully can get to our air we breathe, that's why I say we as humans should gather around to collect the plastic and make it into something that is needed for our world. Like for example, Shop wisely. When you and your family are at the store I am sure most families like to buy plastic water bottles, plastic plates, plastic cups, when you think about it at the end all that plastic you just got is getting thrown away in a landfill and made up into toxic chemicals and hurting OUR world. Last very helpful thing you can do to help our earth out is to join cleanup groups or if you don't live by an ocean you spread the word!

Reasons on why I want my bracelet: I've always loved the beach and surfing and every time I go to the beach I always want to surf and swim with the dolphins and turtles. I am going to the beach this.

Student #6

Bracelet Choice: Delray Beach Florida  Normal Color Bracelet

It’s important to protect the environment because the world is kinda in a dark age because there is a lot of plastic in the ocean. Also, since Covid started nobody’s traveling to beaches and places to pick up the trash there just to make a tiny difference. Recycling is important, instead of the plastic being in the ocean, it will go to a company that makes a lot of tha plastic into cubes, burn them, then mold them into plastic chairs, kids tables ,etc.

“The Earth is what we all have in common.”, I like this quote because it’s true we all have the Earth. We all live here in the same place and time, and we probably all changed the Earth in one way or another. I chose this bracelet because this is my dream place to be at, not this beach specifically but just any bit of Florida that's near the beach. I also wanted to choose the Destin Beach Florida bracelet because it's another one that's in Florida in a cool location.

I wanted the Delray one because I also read some stuff about it and it says it is the best location to be in Florida and I also saw a picture and saw that it looked cool.

Student #13

Mountain life earth vibes with white band.

Why we have to make better choices. I think we should pick up plastic and trash that could harm the animals or anyone. They take a big part in our world and not in a positive way. All different types of animals are dying because the plastic that you are not recycling.

Recycling helps with air and water pollution. Recycling also helps with climate change / global warming. I make sure I throw plastic in the recycling bin and not just throw it on the street.

Business owners should put more trash and recycle bins outside their buildings. We could create a fundraiser to make more recycle bins. Encourage people to put the bottles and recyclable things in the right bins. People could also save water By fixing household appliances. It seems like it's not a lot but all that water that's dripping out of pipes could be used for people who actually need it. Also brushing your teeth and leaving the faucet on also wastes water. “Love the earth as you would love yourself”.

I picked the mountain life bracelet because I like hiking and exploring nature. I also like the colors and people said good things about the bracelet.

Student # 9

Helping the environment

Adopt don’t shop bracelet with a white band

Hi, i’m one of mr.Berlin's students, from Ashland Ranch Elementary School. I think it is very important to protect our planet because, it is our home and we all have our part to protect it, but its like no one cares about our home and they treat it like trash. Recycling is really important too. recycling reduces the need for extracting mining, quarrying and logging, refining and processing raw materials all of which create substantial air and water pollution. recycling also saves energy it also reduces greenhouse gas emissions, which helps to attack climate change.

 I can help save the environment by doing the three Rs (reducing, reusing, and recycling.) I can reduce the amount of of trash i throw away, i can reuse by coming up with creative ways to reuse old objects, and i can recycle by recycling objects that are recyclable. Here are some activities i can do to help our planet. You can make a bird feeder with a pinecone ,peanut butter, and some bird feed by spreading the peanut butter on the pinecone then sprinkling the bird feed on it then you can hang it up in a tree. And here are some ways you can use less water. You can take less showers, you can turn off the water when your not using it, and check faucets or pipes for leaks. My favorite quote is “try to leave the earth a better place than you found it”.

Student #4

How to save our planet

Sedona AZ Bracelet

The earth has a very big problem, its being polluted by toxins from landfills. And the turtles are being hurt by the plastic in the ocean.  And the culprits are us, but we can still fix the home we call earth.  And it's by our next generation.

Exhibit A

Plastic bottles are our main culprit for toxins, plastic bottles are made from oil and chemicals molded together. Which takes thousands of years to decompose. Which makes it to where if someone throws it in the ocean and somebody doesn't take it out, sea life will be badly hurt and damage the food chain. When you drink a plastic bottle of water the chemicals and oil are contaminating the drink, which makes it taste bad and will make it lethal towards some animals. So if you have ever left out a bottle of water in the summer heat, and tried to drink it you probably thought it tasted funny. That’s because the chemicals burned into the water .

 Exhibit B

Have you ever wondered why there is a recycle bin? Well mostly because it is meant for recycling things like plastic bottles and items to be recycled. And the normal bin usually leaves to landfills. Landfills are filled with trash, and when you put a plastic bottle in the normal trash it leads to the landfill instead of a facility where it gets crushed and reused. And when the fire is turned on to destroy the trash, the plastic bottles leak the chemicals and oils into the trash. Which then leaks through the ground and into rivers and ponds which kills the ecosystem.

 Exhibit C

Now what do all these things have in common? First it's that all these things are caused by humans. The water bottles are custom made from chemicals and oil which is not ecosystem made, And landfills are made and run by humans that make the pipes to burn the trash that leaks into rivers and oceans. So here are a couple things we need to do. First RECYCLE MORE! We need to recycle more so we don't run out of resources and help the environment. We can't kill our planet for some plastic water bottles you drink once then throw in the bin. Only 50 billion things are recycled each year while 8 million metric tons of plastic and styrofoam and there's while there is 150 million metric tons of plastic in the ocean right now! So we gotta recycle. Two, we have to get that plastic out of the ocean. Like I said plastic has oil and dangerous chemicals, so if consumed by animals and sea life, it can cause damage to them. If a turtle eats a plastic water bottle, it makes them feel like their stomach is full and they don't have to eat. But they don't so they die from starvation. And other animals like fish eat anything they can really find. And some water bottles turn into fragments underwater so they eat it. Then it's eaten by the fish predator which we then eat or we eat the fish.


We need to save our ecosystem and our planet. So go make a difference and help save our next generations one piece of plastic at a time!

Student #32

Earth Bands Bracelet Essay

Ways we can get more water. We are running low on water in our world and that will not be good. The reason why is because we need water to live but lots of us waste water. If we all continue to do this we will be extinct from hydration. But there are two ways I know to save water, one is the canals that carry water and catch the rain. And another is buckets on roofs.

The canals carry water to place and can catch water and take it with the rest. And then people can drink it and not waste water. The bucket on a roof would get a lot of water. There are more houses than canals so there would save more. But it would cost a lot yet save a lot of water. So even though it costs a lot of money we should still save our water. Also the bracelet

I picked was the Outer Banks Obx,NC. I like it because it is a cool color. It also looks nice because of the combination of blue and black. I have a quote and it is “A good man is a friend to all living things.”


Save our planet student #18

( surf broads- white)

Many people ask “why is it important to save our planet”? Well it's not that complicated. Does anyone realize how important it is to keep our planet clean. One piece of trash leads to many animals dying. There are 3 r’s reduce, reuse, and recycle. These are all very important steps to saving the world. First, there is reduce- reducing means to use less of something like using less of things that will hurt or destroy our planet. Next we have reuse- reuse means to use something again or more than once.  Lastly we have recycle- recycling means to convert waste into reusable items. If I'm being honest most people don't care for the world. Yes, others do but some don't and that's a problem because they don't realize how much keeping our planet clean really matters until it's the only option they have. We have to keep this life we live in clean, because we only have one life, one earth, and one chance. And when that chance is gone we will be too. Keeping our planet clean is more than a job it's an opportunity of a lifetime. If we stop now in 25 years there will be no now.

Really just pick a few pieces of trash up everyday not for me for the whole planet! SAVE OUR PLANET, ONE STEP AT A TIME!!!! 🌏🌏

Student #25                         


Indiana, Color: Navy Blue

Recycling is important because if we don’t recycle our environment, it will be trashed. If recycling materials keep getting to our oceans it will kill the environment. Every day thousands and thousands of recyclables are getting to our ocean. They will kill seabirds, turtles and more sea life. We can’t let this happen, so we need to step up. If you see trash in the ocean, try to get it so it doesn’t ruin the environment. People can pick up trash if they see it on the beach. Recycling is essential to our ocean and our environment so it won’t be trashed in 10 years from now. If it keeps getting worse and worse this is on us so we need to change this right now. If we change this right now and look at our future. In 10 years it will be amazing. So please if we see any trash please help, so please help our environment.

I picked Indiana because some of my family lived there and I want to see what it was like there, so I want to go there when I'm older. I think it would be cool, and I think I will have a good experience.

Student #21

Does Earth Need Help?

I think that the earth does need help with recycling. I also think that we should just stop making all plastic and styrofoam materials there for the oceans won't be polluted and hurt many animals. One of my favorite quote about recycling is “when you put the whole picture together Recycling is way better.” 

I feel like people don't want to recycle because “it takes too long” but if you really think about it's not that hard. If we all but are part then we won't have to hire or make people clean up after us.


Student #23

Earth saving

Alaska Northern Lights

Did you know that by 2050 there probably will be more trash than fish in the ocean and it doesn't just apply to sea life. If we don’t start saving our world, then your favorite animal will probably go extinct. So that’s why we need to start saving our Earth.

You might be wondering, how can I help save the Earth? Well first you can recycle more or reuse recyclable material yourself. For example, you could take some boxes and make something out of them. You could also pick up trash outside. The next time you go to the beach, see how much trash you could pick up.If we start doing these things more often, then there will be less trash causing harm to sea life and land animals.

I chose the Alaska Northern Lights bracelet because I like it and it’s cool.

Student #27

Bracelet choice: Lake Tahoe with the white band

Earth bands essay:

What is one thing that you would change about your daily lifestyle for the better of our planet? For most people it’s recycling but actions speak louder than words. If you really want to change the world here’s some ideas: you can paint on some used cardboard, use liter bottles and plant something in it or use old pasta and paint them to make jewelry. I help the environment by cutting up the gatorade plastic that holds them together so stuff doesn’t get caught in it. I also paint Amazon boxes and I reuse grocery bags to pick up dog poop.

Recycling is important because it saves energy. When you recycle things you can turn them into other products. If we don’t recycle that means that more mining and forestry will happen, which will hurt the environment. Recycling can also save people money. Recycling helps keep trash and other items away from animals that could harm them. Humans are the ones who have hurt the environment, but are the ones that can save the earth.

The reason I chose the Lake Tahoe bracelet is because a year ago I took a trip there and had a really great time. So, I wanted to have something to remember the trip by which is why I chose the Lake Tahoe bracelet.

Student  #2

Bracelet Choice: Adopt Don’t Shop (with a black band)

Why is it important to protect our Planet?

To start, why do you think it is important to protect our planet? I think it is important to protect our planet earth because our Earth provides every resource for sustaining living and for inanimate objects. If we don’t protect our planet it will become more polluted with contaminants and toxins that have a harmful impact on our health.  We need to consider making a change now because if we don’t make a change on protecting the planet, the environment could be worse in the future for our family and friends.

One way we could help protect our environment is that we could pick up trash and litter that is left on the ground in our neighborhoods, parks, beaches, and schools. This would help these public areas be clean and more enjoyable to use and spend time there.. Also by cleaning the beaches it would create a safe environment for the animals to live in. All in all. I think we should protect our environment instead of damaging it.

Also I picked the Adopt Don’t Shop bracelet because I love and I am growing up with animals that me and my family have taken under our wings from families that could not have them and take care of.

Student #5

(Bracelet: Nashville, Tennessee w/ white band)

Title: How Can We Help or Save the Environment? / Why it is important to protect our planet

I believe that it is important to protect our planet because one day there won’t be a planet to protect, so we should care for it now because one day it might not be here. I care for the earth deeply and I try my best to do little things everyday to take good care of it. For example, recycling, using less H₂0, using reusable water bottles, and so much more. It is important to take care of our planet because it is important to protect the earth, animals, and ourselves. We can all do small things everyday to help our environment. But, the most important thing to do is to pass on your knowledge, if you spread what you know on to other people then they are likely to pass it on. All of us can do our part in this world and make a difference, because we... are... the FUTURE.

My favorite earth day quote is by Franklin D. Roosevelt.

I love this quote because I believe that it is entirely true. I think it means that if we ruin/destroy our land then we are really hurting ourselves because ‘the forests are the lungs of our land’.

I chose this Nashville, TN bracelet because that is where I was born. I don’t remember the last time I was there, so if I win this bracelet then it will be like I have a little bit of Tennessee with me.

Student # 1

Bracelet choice: Koala Australia color green

The problems of plastic and foam.

Our world is so polluted by Plastic, foam and other trash that Animals and life are dying. Think about the ocean and all that lives in it. We throw over fourteen billion pounds of trash in the ocean in one year and most of it is plastic and styrofoam. When we throw plastic into the ocean animals die. The animals think that it fills them up but really they starve and die. Fish and birds get caught up in the plastic rings from our drinks. They eat fishing line and it chokes them and their lungs get tied up then they die 

Foam can't really be decomposed or get rid of. Sure we can burn it but then that releases toxins and gasses into the air. When we throw foam into the ocean The animals like fish eat it and when we eat the fish we are eating foam and toxins. We need to stop hurting so much in life. Not even just life you want to live in a place where all the water is disgusting.

The reason I picked this bracelet is because my best friend is from Australia and recently there was a massive wildfire there. The day I wrote this is his birthday and I wasn't there for it. I want to get this bracelet so I can either give it to him or keep it so I remember him when i don't visit him anymore.

Student #6

Bracelet choice: bee happy color black

Reasons why we should save the world

Our ocean is filled with plastic and trash and it is ruining the oceans animals cause turtles are eating plastic and it makes them feel full but they're not full so they starve to death. The more people throw away trash in the ocean the oceans animals will think its food but people who throw plastic away in the recycle bin the plastic gets shaped  into a cube and it gets cut into tiny pieces to make something else. Now some ideas to help the earth you can go out to pick up trash and plastic near you at least and recycle it because not that many people recycle plastic.

Also what we eat from the ocean like fish tuna and much more imagine what fish eat like foam.  When people make landfills they burn the trash in the pit and when the trash and plastic is in the landfill it will rain and it will make a toxic chemical that goes throw land ponds and the ocean and it makes the animals inside the ocean die to that chemical because of trash and plastic that is why people shouldn’t burn trash with fire.

The only reason i want the bee happy bracelet is because it's a memory to think about 6th grade and this project that i did and so i can be happy.

Student #22

The Ocean City, Maryland and please surprise me with the color.

Why we need to save our planet

“The earth does not belong to us, we belong to the earth”. It is important to protect our planet because if we don’t the earth will end up looking like venus, temputarte like venus and will not be habitable. We are the future. We can help save the planet by recycling. Also us less of more things. Recycling is important because it will allow more things to be reused. If we don't recycle it could cause more pollution and less trees. We can use less of h2o or water by buying artificial grass so you don’t have to water it.

I chose Ocean City, Maryland because it is where I would like to live in the future. It would also be the place I would like to make the biggest impact.

Student # 24

Let it be / Earth vibes-white


When you threw away your plastic water bottle today, did you stop to think what its fate would be? Or did you notice when you pulled the trash can to the curb, the recycling bin was empty? No, I bet you did not. See, that is the problem people everywhere fail to notice.

It's like a chain reaction and It's never ending. For example, we drop trash into the sea, a fish eats it, a bigger fish eats the fish, we eat the fish, we become sick from the chemicals in the fish. About 5.3 trillion pieces of trash are in our ocean. Fish mistaking trash for food are constantly dying; leaving the people who rely on the ocean for food at risk. The north Pacific ocean is the most polluted out of all the oceans.  Earth's oceans are Global warming's greatest victim. The main cause of global warming is air and water pollution. When the ocean gets hot it starts to swell. Glaciers are melting. That makes the sea level even higher than ever! You might find yourself asking, “ how can we help our environment?”

There are many ways you can help your environment. One of the most helpful ways is to reduce, reuse, and recycle. Even just recycling one piece of trash, can do a lot more than you think. You can pick up trash around your neighborhood. Only YOU can make a difference. You could save an animal, or fish, but most importantly, you can


I chose the bracelet I chose because it is pretty and very creative. I also liked the fact that instead of dirt from just one state, it had dirt from multiple places.

Student #21

Does Earth Need Help?

I think that the Earth needs help with recycling. I also think that we should just stop making all plastic and styrofoam materials. Therefore the oceans won't be polluted and hurt animals. One of my favorite quotes about recycling is “when you put the whole picture together Recycling is way better.”

I feel like people don't want to recycle because “it takes too long” but if you really think about it's not that hard. If we all work together to recycle then we won't have to hire or make people clean up after us. Also People Should be educated correctly how to recycle. Why I think we should save the earth is to stop throwing away everything and start to recycle!

I picked the Boston, MA bracelet because i love the blue bead with the black band.

Student: #34

California, black band:

Earth bands essay!

Why is it important to protect our planet? Our planet is being destroyed and humans are the reason why. We need to start protecting our earth or in the year 2050, there could be more plastic in the ocean than fish! There are so many things you could do to help protect our earth! One thing you could do is Conserve water, There are so many houses that spend more money on their water bills than they do on themselves. Don’t leave the faucet on and running if you aren’t using it another thing you could do is reuse, reduce, recycle. This is a very big and important thing if we want to keep our oceans clean, 35 billion plastic water bottles are thrown away every day! Could you imagine how many things we could be using those bottles for  planting flowers, or collecting shells at the beach! It is important to keep our earth safe because if we lose it will be gone forever.

How do you help save the environment? There are many ways you could help save the environment and here are some. You could use a long-lasting light bulb that would help save money on lights! You could also carpool, walk, or bike this is a big one especially with global warming and pollution. You could also plant trees in the park or in your back yard or plant seeds! You could set up small groups to go out and clean up the roads or the parks with gloves of course! You could educate people and show them how they could clean up or help do jobs or the importance of recycling.

I picked the California bracelet because it is home for me. All my cousins and family live up there and I miss them all the time. It would just mean a lot to look down and feel I could have a piece of them with me at all times!

Student #19 

Earthbands- Martha's vineyard (white)


When someone asks you if you recycle, what do you say?

“Oh yeah all the time” or a simple  “nope”. Well ether one is fine but, the real question is how do you recycle. There are many ways to recycle but some you mite like more than others. Recycling doesn't have to be throwing a can in a bin, it could be as simple as donating old clothes, or growing a flower in an old soup can. You can also make art from recycling. “The earth doesn't belong to us, we belong to the earth”

I want the bracelet I want because Massachusetts has a special place in my heart. It was the first place my parents lived together. It was where we got my dog Reggi. It is where my grandma’s parents met and live together right now.

Student #

Santa Cruz

Did you know that pollution is one of the biggest killers affecting more than 100 million worldwide? Also more than 1 billion people worldwide do not have access to safe drinking water. And a lot of the environmental problems that are happening to the earth are from US. That's why we need to come together and help our earth become a better place for our generation.  There are so many ways we can help our planet become a better place.

Why is it important to help our planet? Saving our earth and its environment becomes highly important as it provides us food and water to sustain life. Our well being solely depends on this planet. It gives food and water to all living things to it is our responsibility to take care of it.

Why is recycling important? Recycling reduces the need for extracting, refining and processing raw materials all of which create substantial air and water pollution. As recycling saves energy it also reduces greenhouse gas emissions, which helps to tackle climate change. Our garbage ends up in landfills and they fill up fast and once they keep on filling up we won't have room for new landfills.

How can we help save our environment? We can reuse, reduce and recycle, Volunteer for cleanups, conserve water, shop wisley by using less plastic bags and water bottles, and plant herbs. There is so much you can do to make our earth a better place.

Quotes Think green keep it clean

When the last tree dies, when the last river gets poisoned, the last fish gets caught, we realize we can’t eat money. I don't want to protect our environment, i want to create a world where the environment doesn't need protecting

Santa cruz bracelet with a black band I chose this bracelet because I find the marbling really cool, and just the design on it. Also I have gone on so many trips to California and made so many memories there so it's like I can hold them with me.

Student #26

Earth Cannon Beach, Oregon

I once heard a quote that said “ Think green, keep it clean.” I think that we can save the environment by doing so many things. To begin with, we could use reusable bags instead of getting plastic bags. That way we could use the same bag over and over again. We could also save electricity by using energy efficient light bulbs instead of using regular light bulbs. The energy efficient light bulbs help you save money and they last longer. Lastly,  we could recycle plastic straws and water bottles because they can hurt animals like turtles, fish, and even birds. Many animals die because of the trash that we leave on the ground which we are supposed to recycle. We endanger many animals because of our trash.

We waste so much water and can do better. We can start saving water by paying attention to how long our showers last. We can check to see if  any of our pipes are leaking and turn off the water when we are not using it. In addition, we can use dishwashers and washing machines when they are full so that you save more time, money, and it helps the earth, instead of doing small loads at a time. We can also keep a metal water bottle in the fridge so that we can keep on using it. We can also plant plants that use low amounts of water. I want the bracelet because I have been there before and it is really beautiful like this bracelet. In conclusion, there are so many amazing ways to help the earth instead of destroying it.


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